Poster 3

ON-SITE: International Science Innovation Bldg. 22 June 2022, 14:00–15:30 (JST/UTC+9)
ON-LINE: 22 June 2022, 22:30–23:30 (JST/UTC+9)

Note:ON-SITE poster session and ON-LINE poster session will be held separately at the different time.
  Proceeding #: 156
Soft sensors development for industrial reactive distillation processes under small training datasets
Andrei Torgashov, Svetlana Samotylova and Fan Yang
  Proceeding #: 157
Comprehensive quantification of model prediction uncertainty for simulated moving bed chromatography
Kensuke Suzuki, Tomoyuki Yajima and Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  Proceeding #: 158
A predictive model for multi-criteria selection of optimal thermochemical processing pathways in biorefineries
Mohammad Alherbawi, Ahmed Alnouss, Rajesh Govindan, Gordon McKay and Tareq Al-Ansari
  Proceeding #: 159
Numerical Investigation of the Shear Rate Variation in Cooling Crystallization
Ken-Ichiro Sotowa, Soranasataporn Pattana, Osamu Tonomura and Sanghong Kim
  Proceeding #: 160
Application of machine learning model to optimization of the hydrogen liquefaction process
Seongwoong Min, Amjad Riaz, Muhammad Abdul Qyyum, Hansol Choe, Sang-gi Moon and Moonyong Lee
  Proceeding #: 161
Density Functional Theory on the CO2 Absorption Process with Ionic Liquids
Diego Román-Montalvo and Myrna H. Matus
  Proceeding #: 162
Transport of CO2/CH4 through PEBA membranes: experiments and mass transfer modeling
Alejandro Solis-Jácome, Victor Rivera, Griselda Castruita de León and Miguel Morales-Cabrera
  Proceeding #: 163
Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation of an Indirect Water Bath Heater at the Takoradi Distribution Station (TDS)
Richard Yentumi, Bogdan Dorneanu and Harvey Arellano-Garcia
  Proceeding #: 164
Marine SOx Scrubber: Mass transfer Analysis, Design, Simulation and Experiment
Dong Young Lee, Van Duc Long Nguyen, Gwangsik Kim, Myungjin Kim, Choongyong Kwag, Youngmok Lee, Sungwon Lee and Moonyong Lee
  Proceeding #: 165
Connecting the Simulation Model to the Digital Twin to help drive Sustainability
Julien de Beer and Mihaela Hahne
  Proceeding #: 166
Development of Predictive Model for the Size of Gas and Liquid Slugs formed in Millimeter Scaled T-Junctions
Fabian Lechtenberg, Osamu Tonomura, Satoshi Taniguchi and Shinji Hasebe
  Proceeding #: 167
Enviro-economic assessment of DME synthesis using carbon capture and hydrogen from methane pyrolysis
Andrea Bernardi, Fatima Bello, Antonio Valente, David Chadwick, Gonzalo Guillen-Gonzalbez and Benoit Chachuat
  Proceeding #: 168
Operational Envelopes of Cost-effective Sour Gas Desulfurization Processes
Chinmoy B. Mukta, Selen Cremaschi and Mario R. Eden
  Proceeding #: 169
Process Alternatives for the Co-Production of Hydrogen and Methanol using Fuel Switch and Energy Mix Systems
Usama Ahmed, Umer Zahid, Nabeel Ahmad and Nauman Ahmad
  Proceeding #: 170
Documenting Models Comprehensively Using a Minimal Graphical Language
Heinz A Preisig
  Proceeding #: 171
Simulation and CO2 emission analysis for co-processing of bio-oil and vacuum gas oil
Jingyu Zhang, Shuai Zhang, Le Wu, Yuqi Wang and Lan Zheng
  Proceeding #: 172
Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of a Subcritical Coal-Fired Power Plant During Load-Ramping Operations
Jinliang Ma, Miguel Zamarripa, John Eslick, Quang Le, Debangsu Bhattacharyya, Lorenz Biegler, Stephen Zitney, Anthony Burgard and David Miller
  Proceeding #: 173
Solvent screening methodology considering techno-economic and environmental sustainability criteria for algae lipid extraction
Santiago Zapata Boada, Maria Gonzalez Miquel, Megan Jobson and Rosa Cuellar Franca
  Proceeding #: 174
Modeling and simulation of the production of n-butyl lactate in a reactive distillation column at pilot plant scale
César García, Daniela Yusti, Jessica Velandia, Silvia Ochoa and Iván Gil
  Proceeding #: 175
Optimal Design of Offshore Wind Power Farm Considering Wind Uncertainty
Sunwoo Kim, Seongwhan Kang and Jayhyung Lee
  Proceeding #: 176
Economic and environmental impact of fouling in produced water re-injection
Otávio Fonseca Ivo and Lars Struen Imsland Imsland
  Proceeding #: 177
Mathematical Modelling of Reactive Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Charged Membranes
Xinhong Liu, Riju De, Alexander Perez, John Hoffman, William Phillip and Alexander Dowling
  Proceeding #: 178
Economic Analysis of a Hydrogen Liquefaction Process Based on Techno-Economic and Energy Optimization
Heechang Son, Bjørn Austbø, Truls Gundersen, Jihyun Hwang and Youngsub Lim
  Proceeding #: 179
How Digital Twins are Propelling Metals Industry to Next Generation Decision-Making: A Practitioner’s View
Yale Zhang, Mitren Sukhram and Ian Cameron
  Proceeding #: 180
The Study on Feasibility of HFO Refrigerants in BOG re-liquefaction Process
Taejong Yu, Donghoi Kim, Truls Gundersen and Youngsub Lim
  Proceeding #: 181
Crude Oil Blending Process Optimization with Precise Consideration of Fraction Properties
Wanpeng Zheng, Xiaoyong Gao, Guofeng Kui, Xin Zuo, Yi Xie and Guiyao Zhu
  Proceeding #: 182
Novel design of optimum heat exchanger networks for textile dyeing process to maximize wastewater heat recovery efficiency
Yurim Kim, Jonghun Lim, Hyungtae Cho, Juwon Lee, Il Moon and Junghwan Kim
  Proceeding #: 183
Study on the Kinetic Parameters of Crystallization Process Modelled by Partial Differential Equations
Jiali Ai, Jianmin Liu, Chi Zhai and Wei Sun
  Proceeding #: 184
Graphical user interface for development of dynamics model of fermentation process applying long short-term memory networks
Felipe M. M. Sousa, Rodolpho R. Fonseca and Flávio V. Silva
  Proceeding #: 185
The biorefinery concept for the industrial valorization of pineapple leaves co-producing ethanol, citric acid, and xanthan gum: a techno-economic analysis
Juan Murcia, Rolando Barrera, Alba Ardila and Edwin Zondervan
  Proceeding #: 186
First Principles Based Development of Hybrid Models of Distillation Towers
Carlos Rodriguez, Prashant Mhaskar and Vladimir Mahalec
  Proceeding #: 187
Model-Based Development of Fuel Cell Stack and System Controllers
Shigeki Hasegawa, Yusuke Miyamoto, Yoshihiro Ikogi, Sanghong Kim, Miho Kageyama and Motoaki Kawase
  Proceeding #: 209
Design of an Event-Driven Rescheduling Algorithm via Surrogate-based Optimization
Teemu Ikonen, Keijo Heljanko and Iiro Harjunkoski
  Proceeding #: 210
A two-stage network optimization for sustainable treated wastewater planning
Fatima-Zahra Lahlou, Sarah Namany, Hamish Mackey and Tareq Al-Ansari
  Proceeding #: 211
Surrogate Modeling for Superstructure Optimization with Generalized Disjunctive Programming
Alejandro Pedrozo, Sabrina Rodriguez Reartes, Aldo Vecchietti, Maria Soledad Diaz and Ignacio Grossmann
  Proceeding #: 212
Educational computer-aided tools towards Industry 4.0: recommendations and BioVL
Carina L. Gargalo, Simoneta Caño de Las Heras, Krist V. Gernaey and Ulrich Krühne
  Proceeding #: 213
Process Superstructure Optimization through Discrete Steepest Descent Optimization: A GDP analysis and Applications in Process Intensification
David Bernal, Daniel Ovalle, David Liñán, Luis Ricardez-Sandoval, Jorge Gómez and Ignacio Grossmann
  Proceeding #: 214
Advances in Generalized Disjunctive and Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Algorithms and Software for Superstructure Optimization
David Bernal, Yunshan Liu, Michael Bynum, Carl Laird, John Siirola and Ignacio Grossmann
  Proceeding #: 215
Designing Novel Structured Packings by Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing
Andreas Lange and Georg Fieg
  Proceeding #: 216
Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization for Design and Operating of Fluidized Bed Reactor
Minsu Kim, Jonggeol Na, Il Moon, Sunghyun Cho, Areum Han, Yoojin Han and Joseph Sang-Il Kwon
  Proceeding #: 217
Analysis of Optimization Algorithms for Real-Time Optimization applied on the model of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit
Adriana L. Rodriguez and Carlos A. M. Riascos
  Proceeding #: 218
Scalable Stochastic Programming with Bayesian Hybrid Models
Jialu Wang, Elvis Eugene and Alexander Dowling
  Proceeding #: 219
A Combined Particle Swarm Optimization and Outer Approximation Optimization Strategy for the Optimal Design of Distillation Systems
Fanyi Duanmu, Dian Ning Chia and Eva Sorensen
  Proceeding #: 220
A semantic based decision support framework to enable model and data integration
Franjo Cecelja, Linsey Koo and Edlira Vakaj
  Proceeding #: 228
Formulation of integrated key performance indicator dashboard for chemical plant
Yasunori Kobayashi and Yoshiyuki Yamashita
  Proceeding #: 229
Evaluation of risk in the biodiesel production process with supercritical ethanol
Diana Berenice Vega-Guerrero, Fernando Israel Gómez-Castro and Antioco López-Molina
  Proceeding #: 230
Process Monitoring based on Deep Neural Networks with Continuous Wavelet Transform
Chinatsu Ukawa, Yoshiyuki Yamashita and Seiji Hotta
  Proceeding #: 231
Methyl sec-butyl ether content estimation in MTBE products via clustering-based adaptive nonlinear soft sensors
Andrei Torgashov, Oleg Snegirev and Fan Yang
  Proceeding #: 232
Early identification of abnormal deviation in nonstationary processes by removing non-stationarity
Cheng Ji, Fangyuan Ma, Jingde Wang and Wei Sun
  Proceeding #: 233
AI System for Substance Identification Based on Chemical Substance-Symptom Knowledge Graph
Sangwoo Yoo, Dongil Shin, Hunggi Lee and Juri Lim
  Proceeding #: 234
Model-based monitoring of an intensified unit for continuous pharmaceutical filtration-drying
Francesco Destro, Massimiliano Barolo and Zoltan Nagy
  Proceeding #: 235
Plant Fault Diagnosis System using Negative Selection Algorithm
Naoki Kimura, Yuki Ichikawa, Kazunori Tanihara, Yuichi Makiya, Gen Inoue and Yoshifumi Tsuge
  Proceeding #: 236
Digital Twin of a pilot-scale bio-production setup
Monica Muldbak, Carina Gargalo, Ulrich Krühne, Isuru A. Udugama and Krist V. Gernaey
  Proceeding #: 237
Plant O&M Support System Based on Supervised Data-Clustering Technology
Yoshinari Hori, Takaaki Sekiai and Hiroto Takeuchi
  Proceeding #: 238
A Novel Cycle Partitioning Approach to Reliability Based Optimal Sensor Placement for Linear Flow Processes
Om Prakash and Mani Bhushan
  Proceeding #: 239
The impact of sampling frequency on chemical process monitoring
Tingting Tao, Jiatao Wen, Yang Li, Cheng Ji, Jingde Wang and Wei Sun
  Proceeding #: 240
Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model based Cointegration Analysis for Batch Process Monitoring
Jiatao Wen, Cheng Ji, Jingde Wang and Wei Sun
  Proceeding #: 241
A Data-Driven Fault Detection and Diagnosis by NSGAII-t-SNE and Clustering Methods in the Chemical Process Industry
Nahid Raeisi Ardali, Reza Zarghami, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh and Navid Mostoufi
  Proceeding #: 368
Design and operation of healthcare facilities using batch-lines: the COVID-19 case in Qatar
Brenno Menezes, Mohamed Sawaly, Mohammed Yaqot, Robert Franzoi and Jeffrey Kelly
  Proceeding #: 369
Application of PSE Methods on Monoclonal Antibody Productivity Improvement and Quality Control
Ou Yang and Marianthi Ierapetritou
  Proceeding #: 370
Image classification of experimental yields for cardiomyocyte cells differentiated from human induced pluripotent stem cells
Samira Mohammadi, Ferdous Finklea, Mohammadjafar Hashemi, Elizabeth Lipke and Selen Cremaschi
  Proceeding #: 371
Prediction of API concentration using NIRS measured off-line and in-line instrumentsd
Norihiko Fukuoka, Sanghong Kim, Takuya Oishi and Ken-Ichiro Sotowa

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