Poster 2

ON-SITE: International Science Innovation Bldg. 21 June 2022, 14:00–15:30 (JST/UTC+9)
ON-LINE: 21 June 2022, 06:00–07:00 (JST/UTC+9)

Note:ON-SITE poster session and ON-LINE poster session will be held separately at the different time.
  Proceeding #: 82
Optimal Sourcing, Supply and Development of Carbon Dioxide Networks for Enhanced Oil Recovery in CCUS Systems
Demian Presser, Vanina Cafaro and Diego Cafaro
  Proceeding #: 83
Production scheduling in multiproduct multistage semicontinuous processes. A constraint programming approach
Lautaro Marcolini, Franco Novara and Gabriela Henning
  Proceeding #: 84
Maintenance scheduling optimization for decaying performance nonlinear dynamic processes
Bogdan Dorneanu, Vassilis Vassiliadis and Harvey Arellano-Garcia
  Proceeding #: 85
Cleaning Schedules for Heat Exchanger Networks Subjected to Maintenance Constrains
Parag Patil, Babji Srinivasan and Rajagopalan Srinivasan
  Proceeding #: 86
Estimating Energy Market Schedules using Historical Price Data
Nicole Cortes, Xian Gao, Bernard Knueven and Alexander Dowling
  Proceeding #: 87
Scheduling of Material and Information Flows in the Manufacturing of Chemicals for the Order-to-Cash Process of a Digital Supply Chain
Hector Perez, John Wassick and Ignacio Grossmann
  Proceeding #: 88
Optimization of Maximum Completion Time of Polymerization Section Based on Improved Estimation of Distribution Algorithm
Jian Su, Yuhong Wang, Su Zhang and Xiaoyong Gao
  Proceeding #: 89
Evolutionary Algorithm-based Optimal Batch Production Scheduling
Christian Klanke, Engelbert Pasieka, Dominik Bleidorn, Christian Koslowski, Christian Sonntag and Sebastian Engell
  Proceeding #: 90
Cream Cheese Fermentation Scheduling
Misagh Ebrahimpour, Wei Yu and Brent Young
  Proceeding #: 98
Green Ammonia Supply Chain Design for Maritime Transportation
Hanchu Wang, Prodromos Daoutidis and Qi Zhang
  Proceeding #: 99
Optimal agriculture residues revalorization as a biofuel alternative in electric power grids
Sergio Iván Martínez-Guido, Claudia Gutiérrez-Antonio, Juan Fernando Garcia-Trejo and Fernando Israel Gómez-Castro
  Proceeding #: 100
Global Supply Chain Optimization for COVID-19 Vaccine under COVAX initiative
Apoorva Katragadda, Xiaonan Wang and Iftekhar Abubakar Karimi
  Proceeding #: 101
Optimal Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Annual Delivery Program Reflecting both Supplier and Customer Perspectives
Dnyanesh Deshpande, Rajagopalan Srinivasan and Iftekhar Karimi
  Proceeding #: 102
The Waste-to-Resource Game: Informed Decision-Making for Plastic Waste Transformers
Fabian Lechtenberg, Antonio Espuña and Moisès Graells
  Proceeding #: 103
Implications of Optimal BECCS Supply Chains on Absolute Sustainability
Valentina Negri and Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez
  Proceeding #: 104
A Multi-Disciplinary Assessment of Innovations to Improve Grocery Bag Circularity
Kevin Dooley, Fatima Hafsa, Matt Scholz, Bhavik Bakshi, Vyom Thakker, George Basile and Raj Buch
  Proceeding #: 105
Process Sustainable Supply Chain: integrating monetization strategies in the design and planning
Cátia da Silva, Ana Barbosa-Póvoa and Ana Carvalho
  Proceeding #: 111
A systematic methodology for the optimisation, control and consideration of uncertainty of reactive distillation
Eva Sorensen, Aikaterini Tsatse, Stijn Oudenhoven and Antoon ten Kate
  Proceeding #: 112
Equation Oriented Optimization of Multi Stream Heat Exchanger Design and Operation in Natural Gas Liquefaction Process
Saif Kazi, Rahul Gandhi and Lorenz Biegler
  Proceeding #: 113
Optimal Design of Extractive Dividing-Wall Column Using an Improved Sequential Least Squares Programming Algorithm
Yingjie Ma, Nan Zhang and Jie Li
  Proceeding #: 114
Biphasic Dehydration of Sugars to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Furfural—Multiscale Modeling for Easier Optimization and More Accurate Solvent Selection
Abhimanyu Pudi, Martin Andersson and Seyed Soheil Mansouri
  Proceeding #: 115
Study of Mass Transfer Coefficient of CO2 Capture in Different Solvents using Microchannel: A Comparative Study
Bushra Khatoon, Shabih Ul Hasan and M. Siraj Alam
  Proceeding #: 116
Techno-Economic Study of Intensified Ethylene Oxide Production Using High Thermal Conductivity Microfibrous Entrapped Catalyst
Chinmoy B. Mukta, Nikhil R. Rayaprolu, Selen Cremaschi, Mario R. Eden and Bruce J. Tatarchuk
  Proceeding #: 129
Flexible and Sustainable Methanol Production Including Option with Green Hydrogen
Nga Thi Quynh Do, Stephane Haag, Frank Castillo-Welter and Armin Guenther
  Proceeding #: 130
Optimization and Heat Exchanger Network Design of Diethyl Carbonate Two-step Synthesis Process from CO2 and Propylene Oxide
Tsai-Wei Wu and I-Lung Chien
  Proceeding #: 131
Characterization of Industrial Flaring under Uncertainty for the Design of Optimum Flare Recovery and Utilization Systems
Monzure-Khoda Kazi, Fadwa Eljack, Nikolaos Kazantzis, Vasiliki Kazantzi and Saad Ali Al-Sobhi
  Proceeding #: 132
Development of Micro Scale ORC Using Low Grade Geothermal Thermal Energy
Ryosuke Akimoto, Yasuhiko Suzuki, Yuki Ogasawara, Masaru Nakaiwa and Keigo Matsuda
  Proceeding #: 133
Scenario Outcomes for Electric Power Generation Expansion Planning considering the State of Indiana as a Case Study
Abdul Ahmed, Kayla L. Richardson, Yufei Zhao and Cornelius M. Masuku
  Proceeding #: 134
Requirements for the quality assessment of virtual commissioning models of modular process plants
Isabell Viedt, Jonathan Mädler, Julius Lorenz and Leon Urbas
  Proceeding #: 278
Towards An Automated Physical Model Builder: CSTR Case Study
Shota Kato and Manabu Kano
  Proceeding #: 279
Forward physics-informed neural networks for catalytic CO2 methanation via isothermal fixed-bed reactor
Son Ich Ngo and Young-Il Lim
  Proceeding #: 280
Hashing-based just-in-time learning for big data quality prediction
Xinmin Zhang, Jiang Zhai, Zhihuan Song and Yuan Li
  Proceeding #: 281
Physics-constrained autoencoder neural network for the prediction of key granule properties in a twin-screw granulation process
Chaitanya Sampat and Rohit Ramachandran
  Proceeding #: 282
CSTR control with deep reinforcement learning
Borja Martinez, Manuel Rodriguez and Ismael Diaz
  Proceeding #: 283
Application of machine learning and big data for smart energy management in manufacturing
Manu Suvarna, Pravin P.S, Ken Shaun Yap and Xiaonan Wang
  Proceeding #: 284
Adaptive least-squares surrogate modeling for reaction systems
Robert Franzoi, Brenno Menezes, Jeffrey Kelly and Christopher Swartz
  Proceeding #: 285
Machine Learning and Inverse Optimization Approach for Model Indentification of Scheduling Problems in Chemical Batch Plants
Hidehisa Togo, Kohei Asanuma and Tatsushi Nishi
  Proceeding #: 286
Decision-Focused Surrogate Modeling with Feasibility Guarantee
Rishabh Gupta and Qi Zhang
  Proceeding #: 287
Grade transition optimization by using gated recurrent unit neural network for styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer process
Shi-Chang Chang, Chun-Yung Chang, Hao-Yeh Lee and I-Lung Chien
  Proceeding #: 288
Development of Estimating Algorithm for Biodegradation of Chemicals Using Clustering and Learning Algorithm
Kazuhiro Takeda
  Proceeding #: 289
Surrogate Classification based on Accuracy and Complexity
Maaz Ahmad and Iftekhar A. Karimi
  Proceeding #: 290
Training Stiff Dynamic Process Models via Neural Differential Equations
William Bradley, Gabriel S. Gusmão, Andrew J. Medford and Fani Boukouvala
  Proceeding #: 291
Wiz 4.0: A Novel Data Visualization and Analytics Dashboard for a Graphical Approach to Industry 4.0
Louis Allen, Jack Atkinson, Joan Cordiner, Mohammad Zandi and Peyman Moghadam
  Proceeding #: 292
About data reduction techniques and the role of outliers for complex energy systems
Luise Middelhauve and Francois Marechal
  Proceeding #: 293
deepGSA: Plant data-driven global sensitivity analysis using deep learning
Adem Rosenkvist Nielsen Aouichaoui, Resul Al and Gürkan Sin
  Proceeding #: 294
Analyzing Different Dynamically Modelled Data Structures and Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict PM2.5 Concentration in China
Danny Hartanto Djarum, Nur Hidanah Anuar, Zainal Ahmad and Jie Zhang
  Proceeding #: 295
A multi-output machine learning approach for generation of surrogate models in process engineering
Jimena Ferreira, Martín Pedemonte and Ana I. Torres
  Proceeding #: 296
Practical Human Interface System for Transition Guidance in Chemical Plants using Reinforcement Learning
Shumpei Kubosawa, Takashi Onishi, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka, Yasuo Fujisawa, Masanori Endo, Atsushi Uchimura, Masahiko Tatsumi, Norio Esaki, Gentaro Fukano, Tsutomu Kimura, Akihiko Imagawa and Takayasu Ikeda
  Proceeding #: 297
Surrogate modeling for nonlinear gasoline blending operations
Tasabeh Ali, Robert Franzoi and Brenno Menezes
  Proceeding #: 298
Continuous Manufacturing Process Sequential Prediction using Temporal Convolutional Network
Haoran Li and Tong Qiu
  Proceeding #: 299
Surrogate Modeling for Mixed Refrigerant Streams in the Refrigeration Cycle of an LNG Plant
Aisha Al-Hammadi, Robert Franzoi, Omar Ibrahim and Brenno Menezes
  Proceeding #: 300
Prediction for heat deflection temperature of polypropylene composite with Catboost
Chonghyo Joo, Hyundo Park, Seokyoung Hong, Jongkoo Lim, Insu Han, Hyungtae Cho and Junghwan Kim
  Proceeding #: 301
A New Machine Learning Framework for Efficient MOF Discovery: Application to Hydrogen Storage
Teng Zhou, Zihao Wang and Kai Sundmacher
  Proceeding #: 302
Data-driven Modeling for Magma Density in the Continuous Crystallization Process
Nahyeon An, Hyukwon Kwon, Hyungtae Cho and Junghwan Kim
  Proceeding #: 303
Gaussian Process Regression Machine Learning Models for Photonic Sintering
Ke Wang, Mortaza Saeidi-Javash, Minxiang Zeng, Zeyu Liu, Yanliang Zhang, Tengfei Luo and Alexander Dowling
  Proceeding #: 304
Development of dye exhaustion behavior prediction model using deep neural network
Jonghun Lim, Soohwan Jeong, Sungsu Lim, Hyungtae Cho, Jae Yun Shim, Seok Il Hong, Soon Chul Kwon, Heedong Lee, Il Moon and Junghwan Kim
  Proceeding #: 305
Guaranteed Error-bounded Surrogate Modeling and Application to Thermodynamics
Ashfaq Iftakher, Chinmay M. Aras, Mohammed Sadaf Mojur and M. M. Faruque Hasan
  Proceeding #: 306
Development of an ANN-based soft-sensor to estimate pH variations in Intelligent Packaging Systems with visual indicators
Isadora F. Brazolin, Felipe Matheus M. Sousa, Flavio V. Silva, Viktor O. C. Concha and Cristiana M. P. Yoshida
  Proceeding #: 307
Process Systems Engineering Guided Machine Learning for Speech Disorder Screening in Children
Farnaz Yousefi Zowj, Kerul Suthar, Marisha Speights and Peter He

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